Ministry Statement and Biography



The mission of Bright Star Ministries is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that hunger and thirst after the Truth of the Kingdom of God. My vision is to facilitate the great harvest and to prepare the saints for the work of the ministry. The primary means of this endeavor is the spoken Word of God and the anointing of the Almighty. The means of accomplishing this task are manifold. They include teaching, books, music, CD's, and the Internet. The subject matter includes salvation, discipleship, family living, and church leadership.

This ministry is accountable to apostolic oversight.


Dr. Dennis Reschke formed Bright Star Ministries in 2004. Dennis obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry/microbiology at The University of Montana in 1997. He has co-authored several peer-reviewed scientific articles in the area of infectious disease and the mechanisms of mutation. Although his background is basic scientific research his spiritual quest has lead him to the point of resigning from the field of research into evangelism and teaching, particularly to those having an intellectual bent. His perspective on the Gospel is logical and at the same time anointed. He is an accomplished percussionist and is a member of Revive Church under the leadership of Josh Yakos. Dennis is associated with the Fellow Laborer's International Network (FLInt Net) of Churches under the direction of Lloyd Phillips. Dennis operates in the prophetic and leads others to do the same.

Dennis presently resides in Missoula, Montana. You can contact him at

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